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Traces Rosé

Traces Rosé

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With innovation at it's heart, Traces is defining what Lifestyle Wine can be. Our Rosé has everything you'd expect from a fresh, aromatic Rosé but with over 30% fewer calories on average*. 

Grown in the vineyards of South France in the Cotes de Thongue region, the grapes are harvested in the early morning, to help reduce volume of sugar in the grapes. We also harvest 2 weeks early than normal from Precosé vines in mid-August to be sure our process can remain 100% natural.

Grown on a sustainable certified vineyard and naturally lowered to 11% in ABV not artificially lowered, along with being fermenting completely to remove all residual sugar. No need for animals products here... Filtered in a modern process to make it Gluten Free and Vegan.

Keeping 90% of the alcohol an no sugar added without losing anything you love from a beautiful French Rosé.

- 11% ABV

- 78 Calories per 125ml (20% lower than average)

- Zero Sugar

- Zero Carb

- Vegan 

- Gluten Free

- Sustainable

Tasting Notes

Traces Rosé is a succulent wine filled with red berry fruit characters, with herbaceous and grassy notes for a delicious balance of fruit and crisp refreshing dryness.



*30% fewer calories than Drinkaware statistics. 57 calories per unit. 



HVE certified vineyard

Eco Glass Bottle

No foils

100% recyclable

Pulp packaging box

Paper tape

Zero plastic / Zero waste

Shipping & Returns

Express Delivery across UK Mainland in 24 Hours with DPD.


Sold as singles and cases of 6 bottles

Care Instructions

Keep in a cool and dry place and serve cold (recommended serving temperature 3-5 degrees.

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A wine with classic grassy and herbaceous notes to enjoy on it's own or match with superfood salads, goats cheese or seafood.